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Dependable Water Service in Indianapolis, Indiana

Maintenance, Repairs, and Removals

Since 1939, our team of highly trained plumbing technicians has offered the reliable troubleshooting, repair, and new installation services that keep homes and business facilities efficient, comfortable, and safe. For all of your water-service needs, please call us anytime for quotes and 24/7 assistance.

Well Pumps and Meter Services

Our team also removes abandoned wells and unused and unsightly well pumps that reduce property values. We also set new water meter pits and lids for new construction and renovation projects as well as installing new hookups and well pumps. For reliable public and city water services, look no further than AAA Acme Plumbing & Drain Service.

Trenchless Pipe Laying Makes Your Project Easier

Commercial and Municipal

We offer directional boring and horizontal drilling for commercial, industrial, and city projects. With this technology, the mess and interruption often associated with installing new sewer or water lines are avoided by eliminating the need for digging trenches. This method allows you to place new plumbing systems underneath your existing parking lot, pavement area, or structure.


Horizontal drilling is also incredibly useful for homeowners because it eliminates the need to tear up landscaping or pavement. We will install pipes efficiently and safely along prescribed bore paths that optimize new systems to your home requirements. Without trenches, you can prevent the hassle, mess, and additional expense of cleaning up and replanting your yard.