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Plumbing Resources

Plumbing is not easy! Whether you’re attempting to fix a plumbing problem yourself or just want to keep your pipes from freezing, our plumbing resources are here to help you out! Our experienced team has helped us source tutorials, guides, videos and plumbing tips to assist you with plumbing solutions, maintenance and preventative advice. In over your head or have a question? We’re here for you.

Acme Plumbing Tips
Increase shower water pressure
If it is leaking, you need to replace the washer. If the water spray seems erratic, it’s likely mineral build-up. Clean the water outlets with a pin or remove the shower head and soak it in something like CLR.
Quiet a noisy toilet
This is likely due to a restricted water flow or a defective ball cock assembly. Check water flow to ensure there is not blockage. If not, replace your ball cock assembly.
Quiet noisy hot water pipes
Hot water pipes squeak due to the pipe moving in its strap. The friction causes the squeaking. To stop the noise, cushion it!