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2 Possible Reasons Your Well Pump Runs Continuously


At the heart of every residential well system lies an electrical pump. The pump bears the responsibility of drawing water up from your well and into the pressure tank located inside of your home. Ideally, the pump should only have to run long enough to fill the pressure tank. Only once the water level in the tank drops below a pre-set level will the pump turn on again.

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Just Bought a Fixer-Upper? Plumbing Services You Should Invest In


Buying a home as it is means that you are assuming responsibility for all of the problems in the house. Before moving in, you should make sure your new home is livable. So one of the first things you should do after you take ownership is schedule an appointment for a plumbing company to look through the entire property.

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Old House? What You Need to Know About Your Plumbing


An older home offers beauty and a sense of style that you can't duplicate. Even though the aesthetics of the house are everything you've ever wanted, the old plumbing system leaves something to be desired. Years of wear and tear or decades of inadequate maintenance can lead to problems with your home's plumbing fixtures and pipes.

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