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Water Softener & Purification Systems in Indianapolis, Indiana

All too often, the public water sources we rely on every day for our drinking, cleaning, and showering contains harmful particles and chemicals. That’s why having a water softening and filtration system is important. From repairing your existing system to upgrading you to a new model with the best technologies available, our team is here to help keep you safe.

Water Filter & Purification

Water from public sources is prone to contain unwanted substances such as microbial pathogens, inorganic toxins and metals, hard minerals, and even pesticides or insecticides from groundwater contamination. That’s why the professional plumbing team at ACME Plumbing, Drain & Septic offers chemical-free carbon filtration and iron filtration purification systems for your home or business. You and your loved ones or employees deserve to have the peace of mind that your water is healthy and harmless.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

This type of water filtration is an effective way to remove unwanted substances from your drinking water. By forcing the water that you use through a semipermeable membrane, impurities such as chlorine, detergents, nitrates, fluoride, lead, and other harmful chemicals are removed and then flushed down your drain. This process leaves you with purified, safe, and delicious water. Our team can maintain or troubleshoot your existing unit or install a whole new reverse osmosis system in your home or business.

Water Softener Repair and Installation

In most places in the United States, when you turn on your faucet, you get “hard” water that is full of non-toxic minerals like calcium and magnesium. These substances tend to build up in your appliances and pipes, instigate component failure, and even cause your skin to feel dry after your shower. A water softener system replaces these minerals with “soft” varieties like sodium and potassium that extend the life span of your plumbing devices and make your skin feel and look healthy.