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Reliable Septic Tank and Pump Repair Services in Indianapolis, Indiana


When your toilets don’t flush properly, your washing machine becomes sluggish, or you notice foul odors and wet overflow in your yard, it is time to call your local plumbing experts at Acme Plumbing & Drain Service for a desludging service. We are available to arrive 24/7 for your convenience, and our work is affordable, restoring your septic system back to its new condition.


The best ways to prevent expensive damage to your septic tank are to regulate the use of your washing machine every day; prevent your water from running for long periods of time; and avoid flushing grease, oils, and other inorganic compounds down the drain. If your system is damaged or clogged, but a desludging service is not needed, we will clean out and repair your tank to add years of life to it. Our professional maintenance will save you the money of more expensive repairs in the future.


Terralift is a patented soil-health and septic-drainage technique that uses probes and pneumatic hammers to penetrate the ground in your yard. This allows us to force air into the soil around your septic drainage area. This generates a matrix of fissures in the surrounding earth that was previously compacted by constant leaching and draining of septic matter under and around your tank.

This effective process allows our team to redirect drainage and ensure proper groundwater seepage. Terralift will add years of life to your septic system while protecting your yard, lawn, and aboveground features from traditional tank replacement methods. Terralift is quality-guaranteed for two years.


When your septic tank or system has experienced significant degradation, our team is also ready to replace your tank with reliable new products. Our process minimizes damage to your yard and is cost-effective, considering the harm that a nonfunctioning septic system will cause to your home and property.