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Did you know that about 17 percent of the energy you pay for is used to fuel your water heater? Yet it’s pretty easy to forget about your hot water heater… until it breaks. 

A water heater installation is an inevitable task every home owner will have to undergo at some point. 

Here’s what to expect from your next water heater installation.

Step One: The Consultation

A consultation can happen in-person or over the phone. Most providers will want to get a scope of the project and see if it is possible for a water heater repair to be made. They will ask you a handful of questions about the size of the water heater, where it’s located in your home if it’s gas or electric, and if it’s a tank or tankless water heater model. The accessibility of the water heater will likely be a factor in the cost of the installation. 

Step Two: Preparation

In this step, you’ll want to make the installation as quick and painless as possible for the installer. Many “surprise” charges or costs are preventable with a little preparation. Think like an installer. 

Mark electrical outlets, vents, and other important points-of-reference an installer will need. Make sure the area is clean and that there is a clear and easy path for the installer to go from their truck to the installation location.  

Step Three: Water Heater Installation

When an installer arrives they will want a walkthrough to make sure that the job they were sent to do matches the job needed. If you’ve clearly communicated with the installation company the walkthrough should take a few minutes. 

But, if you failed to communicate challenges like a flight of stairs or build-up that will take the installer an hour plus to clean, you may run into some roadblocks. An installer might have to also go to the office hardware store to pick-up more supplies or tools if the job wasn’t clearly communicated. 

In general, you’re looking at roughly one to three hours for n installation service. It’s best to budget yourself extra time just to be safe. 

Step Four: Post Installation and Removal

After your water heater has been installed, the installer should give you a rundown of the machine and the situation you’re dealing with. They should also walk you through the controls, just to make sure you understand how to use it. 

This is especially important for tankless water heater installation since they operate by more advanced technology and controls. If you can, quickly review your warranty with the installation professional to ensure that you understand what specifically is covered and what is not. You’ll also want to get a quick overview of maintenance from the installer.  

A quality installation service company will follow-up with you between 14 to 60 after a tankless water heater has been installed. Other types of tanks don’t require a follow-up. 

Quality Hot Water Heater Installation 

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