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If you rely on the garbage disposal you have in your kitchen sink, you might not be happy when it stops working. A garbage disposal is a handy device that will typically last for around 12 years; however, you might encounter problems with yours from time to time.When you experience a problem, you can hire a plumber to fix the disposal. However, you may also want to learn better methods of using your device so you can avoid problems in the future.


There are several main problems people experience with their garbage disposals, and the first is easy to fix. If the disposal is not working at all and is not even making a sound, there is a good chance you can fix it simply by pressing the reset button. You can look on the device for this button.

Garbage disposals can shut off and require resetting for several reasons, but the main reason is overheating. If you use the device a lot, it could overheat and will shut off for safety purposes.

The second problem people experience most often involves jamming. When the blades of the device trap something they cannot grind up, the device will stop working because the blades can’t move. Fixing this problem is not always an easy task, but you could try unplugging the device (for safety reasons) and then sticking your hand into the sink drain to try to dislodge whatever is jamming the disposal.


The most common cause of garbage disposal malfunction is jams within the device. These jams occur for many reasons. The main cause is from homeowners placing the wrong things inside their disposals.

While garbage disposals can handle a lot, there are certain things they cannot handle, and you should avoid placing these items in your disposal. Prohibited items include egg shells, bones, coffee grounds, fruit rinds, potato peels and grease. Your disposal may grind these up for a while, but they will cause the blades to become dull and may cause jams in your device.


Most people will experience a garbage disposal jam periodically, and many people also experience bad odors coming from their sinks. If you want to prevent problems with your disposal and keep yours smelling good and working effectively, you should follow these tips:

  • Avoid placing the wrong things in the disposal. Always use the device the proper way by avoiding putting the wrong things in it.
  • Cut scraps up before throwing them in. If you have things to place in your disposal, make sure you cut the items up in small pieces first.
  • Run your device with the water on. Try to develop the habit of running the device while you have the cold water turned on. This will help keep the device free of debris.
  • Grind lemon peels. To freshen the garbage disposal, place a few lemon peels in the drain and turn the garbage disposal on. Lemons offer a fresh scent and help clean the blades.
  • Pour vinegar down the drain. Vinegar is another item that cleans garbage disposals effectively and safely.

With these tips, you can avoid problems with your disposal and help it run more effectively in the future. When you take care of your garbage disposal, your kitchen will smell better in the short run and your device will last longer in the long run.If you currently have a problem with your garbage disposal and cannot get it to work, give us a call: (317) 423-7289. We can fix or replace your device for you, and we can help you learn more about preventative maintenance.