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Buying a home as it is means that you are assuming responsibility for all of the problems in the house. Before moving in, you should make sure your new home is livable. So one of the first things you should do after you take ownership is schedule an appointment for a plumbing company to look through the entire property.

Check for Leaks

One of the most important services that you can invest in is the inspection of your new home for leaks. If there is a leak, you want it to be in the bathtub or shower area where the water just goes down the drain. But you may experience a leak underneath one of the sinks inside the home, which will need fixing right away. A leaking sink may also lead to further repairs if it has led to moisture damage around the area.

Another place to look for leaks is inside the walls. These leaks may be difficult to notice, but a thorough inspection by a professional will make sure these issues are detected. This may require that the drywall is removed near the affected area to inspect and fix the problem.

Replace Old Pipes

Although you may be fine with taking on a home as is, you shouldn’t move in before you’ve made all of the necessary repairs and replacements. So you should let your local plumbing contractors know that you want to replace all the old pipes in the house to avoid future problems. You will find it better to tackle these concerns early on rather than dealing with leaks and bursts later.

Clean the Drains

The last thing you want is to be taking a shower in your new home and notice that the water is not draining properly. So along with the other work your plumbing contractor is doing, you want to make sure they inspect all of the drains to determine if a drain cleaning is needed.

Hair, grease and food particles are some primary causes for clogging. A plumber will take note if there is anything strange about the clogging that may require further inspection of the system. To avoid clogs in the future, you can ask a plumber about the best preventive measures.

Inspect the Toilets

Not being able to use one of the toilets in your home can cause some inconveniences, especially when you have kids. To avoid lines out the door, arguments and other issues, you will need at least two or three working toilets. And a toilet not only needs to flush but also fill up the bowl with the right amount of water.

If a toilet is extremely old or broken beyond repair, a replacement is necessary. Getting professional help is the best way to replace your toilet because it will save time and avoid risks.

Fix Important Features

Having the pipes, toilets, bathtubs, showers and sinks checked out will ensure that most plumbing-related features are working properly. But you could still have other unseen issues like a broken water heater. One thing you can do once you get into your home is run hot water out of one of the faucets. You need to make sure you are getting hot water and that it is coming out at an optimal temperature.

If you find that you are running out of hot water regularly, you should talk with a plumber to see if the water heater size is large enough to accommodate your family. If not, you can start making plans with them to replace the water heater with a more fitting model.

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