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Selling a home can be complicated, and you may wonder why you should make it more complicated by doing a home inspection yourself before the professional inspection. But this preparation can actually improve your negotiation power, help your home sell for a higher price, and reduce the chances that a buyer will decide your house has too many problem to be worth buying.For example, if your plumbing system has several problems, you may find and remediate a couple of them on your own ahead of time so the results of the initial inspection are better. Some sellers pay for their own inspection before the buyer inspection, but you can still do a lot if you decide not to go that route.Here are four ways you can get your plumbing system in good shape for the home inspection.


A slow drip from a pipe deep within the walls may not be within your purview. But if one of your bathroom faucets has a drip, you can clean that up easily (sometimes by just replacing a washer inside the faucet).Other common places to look for leaks in your plumbing system include:

  • Under sinks
  • In and around tubs and showers
  • From water heaters
  • At washing machine connections

Finding and repairing these leaks before they go on the home inspection report gives you an advantage in the home selling process.


A leaking tank or valve isn’t the only water heater problem that can cause difficulties after an inspection. A water heater that’s corroded on the inside, is the wrong size for the job, or has a faulty thermostat or other component can show up on the report as a problem.So do some basic maintenance checks on your water heater in advance of the inspection. Check the anode rod and replace it if necessary, test the relief valve, and make sure the thermostat works.


Drains that are slow, full of tree roots, or otherwise problematic often go unnoticed until a home inspector shows up. But if you get your drains cleaned, you can avoid drain blockages and make sure any tree roots are removed ahead of time. In addition, a good drain cleaning can include a video inspection that lets you know in advance if there’s anything else you need to fix right away. For example, a cracked sewer line pipe should be replaced.


An old toilet that leaks, runs continuously, or simply wastes five gallons of water per flush is not going to be attractive to buyers. Performing your own audit of your plumbing fixtures, including toilets, showers, bathtubs, sinks, garbage disposals, and so on, can be a huge help in preparing for an inspection.Ensuring that you have well-kept, functional fixtures is crucial, but you should also check local ordinances for any recent increases in efficiency requirements. For example, if homes in your area are required to have water-saving fixtures, you’ll have more difficulty selling one that doesn’t meet that requirement.These four tips can help you prepare your home’s plumbing system and fixtures so that they’ll perform well when the inspection occurs. You won’t be able to find every potential problem a home inspector might find, but you can take care of a lot of potential problems and make sure your inspection results are as positive as possible.Whether you want a professional inspection for your plumbing system, an expert drain cleaning, or any other plumbing service to help your home sell faster, give us a call: (317) 423-7289