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Water Heater Repair & installation Services in Indianapolis, IN

water heater repair services Indianapolis, IN

When You Step Into Your Shower

The last thing you want to feel when you step into your shower is freezing cold water pelting your back. When the temperature does not improve no matter how you turn the handles, troubleshooting should begin with your hot water heater.

Don’t Ignore the Signs of an Issue

There are many signs that your hot water heater needs a professional service, including unreliable or uncontrollable water temperatures, discolored water, or odd noises and odors coming from your plumbing pipes or heating unit. Ignoring evidence of problems will only lead to even bigger issues down the road that will be more expensive to repair and may even place you and your family at risk.

Tuneups, Inspections, and Replacements

Acme Plumbing, Drain & Septic offers the high-quality diagnostics and repair services that fix issues at their source. Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your unit in prime condition, avoid inconvenient outages, protect yourself and loved ones from dangerous breakdowns, and extend the life span of your investments. You can trust our reliable technicians to get your system up and running whether it is a gas, on-demand, power-vent, tankless, or electric model.

Avoiding Mineral Buildups

One of the most dependable ways to prevent your unit from malfunctioning is to have our friendly plumbers flush out and refill your model once a year. Common minerals found in most water sources, such as magnesium and calcium, tend to build up over time and clog various components. This process reduces the life span of your unit and will eventually cause you to spend even more money on a replacement.

New Water Heater Installation

In some cases when a hot water heater has reached the end of its life, a new installation is necessary. Trust the team that has installed, repaired, replaced, and maintained thousands of hot water heaters that include nearly every make and model since 1939. Put our experience to work for you today.

Safety Is Our Top Priority

If you are not confident working around scalding hot water, igniting the pilot light, or troubleshooting and replacing damaged components, please call our fully trained team for assistance. Incorrectly serviced water heaters are more prone to gas leaks and pressure accumulation, which can cause some mechanisms to fail and, in some cases, instigate a boiling liquid vapor explosion (BLEVE). Protect yourself and your property: call us today! (317) 423-7289.